Introduction to the Tin Newsreader

Starting Tin

To "launch" the Tin newsreader use the CSuite shortcut command [go news].

Tin Help

Before you begin, it 's a good idea to use ^g (CTRL-g) and review the commands available. You can use this link to do that now... (Tin keymap)

To post a message (Start your own thread...)

Blank messages...

NOTE:If you answer "No" to "Save buffer..?" and p)ost to the second question you will be sending a blank message to the newsgroup. This same sort of thing can happen in mail...

To follow-up discussion in the group...

View the particular message you want to follow-up. Type "f" for follow-up, and you'll see the selected letter.

Included Messages - Who Said What?

You will notice that each line of the "included message" is preceded by one or more new characters and/or is indented to different levels. This is how newsreaders and mailing programs show who said what and when. Near the top of the message should be a line which will indicate who is the author of each section.

As you are editing messages be careful to keep the authors name/address and the formatting that indicates who said what.

You can type your message anywhere, but endless repeating of everything in a letter can be extremely boring to everyone on the 'Net. Brevity is the soul of wit, and so is editing other people's wit to make more room for yours. To edit a follow-up or reply...

To reply to a posting to the author and no-one else... Type "R" to reply, then same as above.

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