The KeyMap for Tin

This keymap is taken from the help function of Tin. It would benefit from some additional explanation and formating. Until that time...

4$       Goto article 4 ($=goto last article) 
^D^U     Down (^U=up) a page
^F^B     Down (^B=up) a page
^K       Kill / Auto select (hot) current article
^L       Redraw page
{CR}     Read current article
{TAB}    Goto next unread article or group
aA       Author forward (A=backward) search
b{SPACE} Back ({SPACE}=forward) a page
B        Article body search
c        Mark all articles as read and goto group selection menu
C        Mark all articles as read and goto next unread group
d        Toggle display of subject or subject & author
g        Choose a new group by name
hH       Command help (H=toggle mini help menu)
I        Toggle inverse video
jk       Down (k=up) a line
K        Mark article/thread as read & goto next unread
l        List articles within current thread
m        Mail article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles to someone
M        Menu of configurable options
o        Output article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles to printer
np       Goto next (p=previous) group
NP       Goto next (P=previous) unread article
q        Return to previous level
Q        Quit
r        Toggle display to show all / only unread articles
R        Report bug/comment via mail to
s        Save article/thread/hot/pattern/tagged articles to file
t        Tag current article for cross-posting/mailing/piping/printing/saving
u        Toggle display of unthreaded & threaded articles
U        Untag all tagged articles
v        Show version information
w        Post an article to current group
W        List articles posted by user
x        Cross-post current article to another group
zZ       Mark article (Z=thread) as unread
/?       Subject forward (?=backward) search
-        Show last message
*        Select thread
.        Toggle selection of thread
@        Reverse all selections (all articles)
~        Undo all selections (all articles)
X        Mark all unread articles that have not been selected as read
+        Perform auto-selection on group
=        Mark threads selected if at least one unread art is selected
;        Mark threads selected if at least one unread art is selected

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