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IX. Bookmark Files:

The 'Bookmark file' is a document that resides in your personal files and provides a list of interesting links which you have found and would like to visit again. You can add a link by pressing 'a', which will add either the link that you are currently on or the document you are currently reading to your 'Bookmark file'. You will be asked which you want to add (d for current document, or l for the current link) as well as a name (whether it is the name of the particular link or a new name you wish to add. - This can be helpful becasue many links simply use the name LINK, which is not very descriptive).

You may set and change your current 'Bookmark file' in the options screen. By doing this you can sort your bookmarks into categories and switch between them depending on where you want to go. This allows you to have several short bookmark files rather than one long one. You can change Bookmark files any number of times during a session on CCN.

You can reach your Bookmark file by using the command key "v" which will take you to your current bookmark file. You can then follow any of the links you have stored there. Links can be added, deleted or edited. The bookmark file itself tells you how to do this. See also the section on editing with Pico. By following the format within the bookmark file you can type in urls you come across in magazine articles and turn them into links. The bookmark file is written in HTML so some knowledge of this helps in editing it.

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