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VIII. File Management:

The File Browser allows you to look at, download, upload, delete, move, rename, and edit files in your own personal directory. Each user has a personal directory, called:

/ccn/home/last 2 digits of your userID/your userID

For example: /ccn/home/01/aa001

The easiest way to get to the File Browser is with the shortcut command [g files].

Once you are there, you can select a file to view, edit, etc. by using the arrow keys or typing in the number of the file. If you wish to view the contents of the file, pressing ENTER (or RETURN) will display the file. The Help lines at the bottom of the screen describe some of your options. If you have already selected a file, then pressing the first letter of the command will initiate the action. To see every available option, press "f" for full menu. A new screen appears listing a variety of options. From this menu you can rename, edit or relocate a file, as well as create new folders.

Use the DELETE or r key to remove a file that you no longer need. You are asked to confirm by typing a "y".

When you type "e" to export an e-mail message (in Pine), the message will be put in your home directory, and then you can use all the file management options.

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