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X. Downloading/Uploading Files:

Downloading is a process performed by CCN to allow you to transfer a file from CCN or the Internet to your own computer. Uploading is the opposite, it allows you to transfer files from your computer to CCN or the Internet. The files can be text files, pictures, sounds, etc..

To download, put the cursor on the item or link you want to download and type 'd'. You will be prompted with a choice of downloading via Kermit or Z-modem, or to save it to your home directory (saves the file on CCN). To download you need to choose Kermit or Z-modem. Select whichever one your software supports and is set to. After you select one you can then specify a filename. If your software is set to automatically receive files then that's all you need to do, if not then you will need to set your software to receive (usually by choosing receive in one of the menus).

To upload, first make sure that you are in your files directory. Type 'gfiles' (without the quotes) and type 'u'.

You will, once again, be prompted with a choice of uploading using Kermit or Z-modem. CCN will ask you to enter a filename that it will use to store the file in your online account. CCN will, then, prompt you to start transfer. A strange code will appear in the lower left hand side of the screen. This is CCN telling you to start sending your file. If your software is set to automatically send files then it will start up right away, if not then you will have to tell it to send the file (usually by choosing send in one of the menus).

Z-modem is the fastest way to download or upload. Kermit is slower because it is an older method and cannot take advantage of the full speed of your modem. Your choice depends on your computer's terminal software - and you must know how to use that because the actual download is handled by it in co-operation with the CCN. Most programs will handle this themselves, if you have difficulties you may need to configure some options in your program. Consult the manual for your terminal program or someone familiar with it.

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