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Our Extra Services

Chebucto Community Net now offers many additional services! Please note that all extra services run for one year or until the un-renewed expiry of the Chebucto account, whichever comes first.

  • Virtual Domain Names Your site can have its own custom address. You can be,, etc. We will host the name, provide two mail aliases which go to your account (info@your-name-here and webmaster@your-name-here). One-time Setup fee of $25, annual hosting fee of $100. Full Details here including what to tell your registrar.

    We also offer VDN aliases to existing Chebucto VDNs for $20 per year each. A VDN alias allows you to have multiple domain names pointing to the same webspace. To get a VDN alias, you must first register the new domain name (see how here) and you must already have a full price VDN hosted by Chebucto.

    Additional email aliases to existing Chebucto VDNs are $10 per year each. You can add as many new_address@your-name-here addresses as you may need.

  • Sub-Domain Names and mail aliases: $20 a year each for,,, and A low-cost alternative to a Virtual Domain Name.
    Full details here

    Email aliases to a registered Chebucto sub-domain are available and may be directed to point to any real email mailbox. $10 per year each.

  • WordPress Content Management System. No additional fee for WordPress itself but requires a Neighbourhood Account with Chebucto, a Chebucto-hosted Virtual Domain or Sub-Domain (above), and MySQL Database access.

  • Extra email addresses $20 per year each. Accessible world-wide through our web-mail service. Requires a Neighbourhood Account with Chebucto.

  • Email aliases $10 per year each. A virtual mail address which goes into your Chebucto account mailbox.

  • Extra mailbox quota Increase the size of your mailbox! $20 per year for 2,000 K, limit of 10,000 K per mailbox.

  • Extra disk space Get more disk space for your website and files! $20 per year for 2,000 K, limit of 100,000 K per account.

  • Extra Chebucto Plus accounts for multiple simultaneous logins to our famous graphical access service. $125 per year each for a one computer license. Does not include email account or webspace. Requires a Neighbourhood Account with Chebucto.

  • Majordomo mail list management Need a mailing list? All our Neighbourhood Accounts come with two mailing lists at no extra cost. Extra lists may be had for $50 a year each. All mailing lists can be administered using the MajorCool point and click web interface. Requires a Neighbourhood Account with Chebucto.

  • Discussion Boards for your group. We can set up a web page discussion board branded to match your website pages. You can see an example of this here, our own Chebucto Café. Cost is $30 per year with a $10 setup fee. Extra setup (over and above normal web page branding), should it be required, is $15 per hour.

  • MySQL database hosting services. Please contact us about your database hosting needs. Basic database hosting cost is $50 per year. Requires a Neighbourhood Account with Chebucto with either a Virtual Domain Name or a Sub-Domain Name hosted by Chebucto.

  • PHP hosting. We can host websites using PHP at no extra charge upon request. Requires a Neighbourhood Account with Chebucto with either a Virtual Domain Name or a Sub-Domain Name hosted by Chebucto.

  • E-Commerce services In development. Watch this space for news.

Contact us for more information or send payments (specifying service and Chebucto account) to:

Chebucto Community Net
PO Box 9253 CSC
Halifax, N.S.
B3K 5M8

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 1 pm to 5 pm. The Chase Building is located at the end of Lord Dalhousie Drive, off Coburg Road next to the University of King's College. Our office phone number is (902) 494-2449 and our fax number is (902) 494-1242.

We look forward to working with your group or business!


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