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CAP Select Neighbourhood Accounts
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Our CAP Select Neighbourhood Account
for Community Access Program Sites

Chebucto Community Net now offers a new type of account for Community Access Program (CAP) sites. The CAP Select Neighbourhood Account features a convenient array of services designed to meet the needs of Community Access Program Sites and Extra Service components are available, including low-cost custom Chebucto sub-domain names for website and email addresses.

Other Non-Profit organizations can find Neighbourhood Accounts designed for them here. Businesses or other For-Profit groups should look at our For-Profit Neighbourhood Account options here.

CAP Select Neighbourhood Account Details

Annual fee of $125. This account package features an edit/admin account with 1 GB (1,024 MB) mailbox and 5000 K disk space quota and a custom user name 3 - 7 characters in length, 50 MB webspace, up to 5 additional email accounts each with 512 MB mailbox and 5000 K disk space for use by CAP site workers and an optional Chebucto Plus 56 K dialup access account (one line access only), available on request. Web space supports CGI scripts and Server Side Includes.

Terms and conditions

The CAP Select Neighbourhood Account is available only to Community Access Program sites. The CAP site is required to put a "Hosted by Chebucto Community Net" graphic and link provided by the Chebucto Community Net on their web site title page. CAP sites will not host web pages for any individuals or groups other than their own organization and will refer any individuals, groups or businesses looking for web hosting and email services to the Chebucto Community Net.

How to get a
CAP Select Neighbourhood Account

Print off our CAP Select Neighbourhood Account User Agreement, read it and fill in the blanks. The User Agreement requires the signature of someone with signing authority for the CAP site organization. If any Extra Service components are desired, please include a list of them.

Send or drop off the completed CAP Select Neighbourhood Account User Agreement and payment to:

Chebucto Community Net
PO Box 9253 CSC
Halifax, N.S.
B3K 5M8

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 1 pm to 5 pm. The Chase Building is located at the end of Lord Dalhousie Drive, off Coburg Road next to the University of King's College. Our office phone number is (902) 494-2449 and our fax number is (902) 494-1242.


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