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VI. Setup/Options Screen:

The Setup/Options Screen allows you to set and modify many of Lynx's features, it is reached in Lynx by pressing "s". Some of the options are set by the system and you can't change them. You can either change an option temporarily or set it so that it is set every time you sign in. If you want to sort your Bookmarks by types, you can have several files and select between them here. At the bottom of the options screen are some commands telling you how to use this screen.

The following options may be set.

Bookmark file
specifies the name of your Bookmark file. This allows you to have several different files and switch between them for the bookmark commands for view, add, etc. Therefore you can sort your bookmarks into types and use this option to switch to the appropriate bookmark file when you come across a new link of that type. This can include a pathname to a subdirectory.

FTP sort criteria
how ftp listings are sorted. Can be set to filename, type, size or date.

Searching type
If set to 'case sensitive', user searches invoked by the 's' or '/' commands will be case sensitive substring searches. The default is 'case Insensitive' substring searches.

Display character set
choice of several alphabets.

VI keys
If set to 'ON' then the lowercase h,j,k, and l keys will be mapped to left, down, up, right, respectively. This is useful for those users whose arrow keys do not function correctly on CCN.

Emacs keys
Set to: ON

Keypad as arrows or numbered links
Will add numbers to each link or hide the numbers if the user so wishes.

Line edit style
Set at: Default binding (press 'k' for keymap)

preferred document language
Selectable to English and French

preferred document character set
Set at NONE

directory list style
choice of files first, directories first or mixed (unsorted). Will change how items are listed in your home directory.

User Mode
There are three user levels, novice, intermediate and advanced. Advanced replaces the list of commands at the bottom of the screen with the url of the current link.

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