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II. First Time Log-in:

To log on to CCN with a modem, use your communications program to dial 494-8006. You may need to set the terminal emulation option in your program to "vt100" or higher (ie vt102, etc), using 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity (this may be abbreviated to "8N1", and is often the default setting).

Please note that CCN's phone lines are frequently under heavy use, so you may get a busy signal when dialling in. Just keep re-dialling until you are able to connect, or try again later. It may take several minutes to reach CCN during periods of heavy use such as early evening.

Once you connect, you'll hear a high-pitched tone followed by a hissing noise as your modem connects to CCN's computer. These sounds will stop once the connection is complete, and in a few seconds a "Welcome to Chebucto Community Net" message will appear on your screen, followed by a request for you to to enter a login name. Since this is your first visit, type in "guest" (without the quotes).

You will then see a few screens of information, and then you will be asked to enter your name. Just type it in and press the [ENTER] key.

Now, you will be asked to enter your terminal type. Press [ENTER] to accept the default choice, vt100, unless you know what terminal emulation is set in your software. If you know what terminal emulation your software uses then type it using lowercase letters (ie "vt102" without the quotes) then hit [ENTER].

The guest homepage will then come up on your screen. Try exploring CCN and see what it has to offer. Other sections of this manual contain information on how to navigate CCN. Note that until you register, you cannot send or receive e-mail (except for asking the support team - userhelp, the technical team - ccn-tech, or the office a question), access news, or store files and web pages on CCN.

To register on CCN, go back to the guest home page and choose link number 3 (you can also get there by typing "g" and then "register" without the quotes). You will then be asked to read several screens of information, including the CCN User Agreement. After reading each page, press [ENTER]. You will eventually reach the page that contains the form on which you will fill in your personal information, including your name, address, telephone numer, etc.

Type in the information requested, using the up and down arrow keys to move between the sections. At the bottom, there will be a check box indicating whether you are over or under 18 years of age. To change it move down with your arrow keys and hit [ENTER]. Now move down to the "Submit Online Registration Form" option, and press "Enter".

If you are under 18, you will be asked to enter your birthdate. Enter this information, and then select the link that allows you to continue registration.

You will now be asked to select your membership option. For all options except the last one, you will be asked to select whether you will be part of a family membership. If you choose to become a supporting member, you will also be asked to enter a custom user name.

Now you will be given your account number. Your account number will be a combin ation of two letters and three numbers such as "aa100"; WRITE IT DOWN BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER -- THIS NUMBER IS YOUR UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION ON CCN, AND YOU WILL NEED IT TO LOG ON AGAIN.

You will also be asked to type in a password. This may be a combination of letters and/or numbers of your choosing. Remember that your password is the primary means of ensuring the security and privacy of your account on CCN. Don't use something that would be easy to guess like your name, birthdate, etc. Choose a password that you will be able to remember, but which others will not be able to guess, and of course don't tell anyone else what it is! When you have decided on a password, type it in as requested, then choose the option to continue registration.

You must now print the screen to provide yourself with a copy of the registration agreement. Turn on your printer and press "P". Choose option number 4, and the form should print on your printer. Sign the printed form where indicated and mail it to CCN at the address given on the form along with your donation or a photocopy of a piece of identification. Note: some programs do not properly support printing, if you have problems printing the form then just copy the aknowledgement onto a piece of paper, then sign it and make sure to include your user name on the paper.

Choose the option to finish registration, and you're done. Your account will be activated when your printed registration form is received at CCN, which should take only a few days. Once your account is activated, you will be able to log on to CCN using your account number and password, and you will have full access to CCN's services including e-mail, newsgroups, the World Wide Web and a wide range of other Internet services. [Index]  [Previous Section]  [Next Section]  [Comments] 

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