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XII. PICO Text Editor:

PICO is used for editing documents on the Community Net. You can use it to modify any text file in your file directory, including your bookmark file. In addition it is used in many areas as the editor to write comments in. PINE uses the PICO editor to compose messages for E-mail.

Remember: "^" is the symbol for the CTRL key.

Moving around a Document

 ^f or Right Arrow Key - Move Forward a character.
 ^b or Left Arrow Key - Move Backward a character.
 ^p or Up Arrow Key - Move to the Previous line.
 ^n or Down Arrow Key - Move to the Next line.
 ^a -  Move to the beginning of the current line.
 ^e -  Move to the End of the current line.
 ^v -  Move forward a page of text.
 ^y -  Move backward a page of text.

Modifying the Document Text

 <DELETE> or <BACKSPACE> -  Delete the character before the 
       cursor position. 
 ^d -  Delete the character at the cursor position.
 ^^ or ^shift6 -  Mark cursor position as beginning of selected text.
       Note: Setting mark when already set unselects text.
 ^k -  Cut line or selected text (displayed in inverse characters). 	
       Note: The selected text's boundary on the cursor ends at the left
       edge of the cursor.  So, with selected text to the left of the 	
       cursor, the character under the cursor is not selected. Unlike 	
       some word processors you only need to set the start of a block, 	 
       its end is automatically set to the current cursor position.
 ^u  - Uncut (paste) last cut text inserting it at the character under  
       the cursor. 
 <TAB> or ^i -  Insert a tab at the current cursor position.
 ^j -  Format (justify) the current paragraph. 
       Note: paragraphs are delimited by blank lines or indentation. 
 ^r -  Insert an external file at the current cursor position.
  To Exit the Pico Editor
 ^x -  Exit pico, saving the file. You are given the choice to save with
       another name, leaving your original intact and producing a new 	
       document. This is very useful in creating alternate bookmarks

Other Commands

 ^g -  Display help text.
 ^c -  Report current cursor position
 ^w -  Search for (where is) text, neglecting case.
 ^l -  Refresh the display.
 ^t -  To invoke the spelling checker
 ^o -  Save the current text to a file without exiting Pico.

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