Manage Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are managed by sending email messages addressed to majordomo. This document describes the commands used by subscribers (or individuals who wish to subscribe) to Majordomo mailing lists.

A typical mail message is addressed to with a message in the body. Majordomo responds by email which normally takes a few minutes.

Multiple Commands

Majordomo will accept more than one command in a message... simply place each command on a separate line.

Feeling lazy..?

If you are sending a command and can't be bothered deleting your signature or other text in the message place the end command on a separate line... majordomo will ignore any text it finds after this command.

Common commands used by subscribers

subscribe listname
Subscribe yourself to mailing list "listname"
subscribe listname address
Subscribes person at "address" to mailing list "listname"
Note: A 'closed' list will forward your request to the list owner for 'approval' of your request.
unsubscribe listname
Unsubscribe yourself to mailing lists "listname"
unsubscribe listname address
Unsubscribe person at "address" to mailing list "listname", Note: if address is either not you or not the address from which you are sending this message the message will be passed on the the list-owner for approval. In some cases it may be easier to send mail directly to the list owner (listname-owner) and ask that individual to unsubscribe you.
Report the mailing lists you are subscribed to (on this system).
which address
Report the mailing lists the person at "address" is subscribed to (on this system)
who list
Report the people subscribed to mailing list
Lists that are not 'public' will not provide this information unless you are a member of this list.
info listname
Get the welcome/information message for list "listname"
Report the mailing lists managed by majordomo on this machine
Retrieve a help message, explaining these majordomo commands

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