Manage Mailing Lists

All mailing list owners should be familiar with the user documentation for CCN mailing lists.

In addition to the commands available to list subscriber, a mail list owner has access to a number of commands that are needed to...

Remember: The ownership of a busy mailing list is a significant responsibility and will usually require daily attention to ensure things don't get out of hand
Mailing Lists are managed by sending email messages addressed to majordomo. This document describes the commands used by a list owner for managing a 'majordomo' mailing lists.

A typical mail message is addressed to with a message in the body. Majordomo responds by email which normally takes a few minutes.

Multiple Commands

Majordomo will accept more than one command in a message... simply place each command on a separate line.

Feeling lazy..?

If you are sending a command and can't be bothered deleting your signature or other text in the message place the end command on a separate line... majordomo will ignore any text it finds after this command.

Common commands/actions that require a password

approve password subscribe listname address
Approve a non-routine subscribe request concerning list
approve password unsubscribe listname address
Approve a non-routine unsubscribe request concerning list
newinfo listname password
Provide a new "info" message for list, to be sent in response to "info" and "subscribe" requests. (*This is sometimes called the Welcome Message.)
passwd listname old-password new-password
Change the password for list

There are several other password commands that a listowner can use to change the status of a list but these should be used with great care. If you are not _very_ sure how your changes will impact on the operation of a list... you should consult the local mailing list administrator.

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