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URLs: Universal Resource Locators
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URLs: Universal Resource Locators

Universal Resource Locators are the primary building block of the Internet. Often refered to as a url or simply a link, URL's are the Internet address of a document or resource.

The url is composed of two required elements...

  • the Internet service/protocol that is to be used to access this resource, and
  • the Internet address of the computer on which the resource is found

and may include a 'filepath' which specifies where the resoure can be found.

Internet Services/Protocols

Common Internet services that are used in urls include:

  • HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (the most common protocol used on the World Wide Web)
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  • TELNET - A protocol that allows you to login and use a remote computer.

Internet Address

The internet address can take the form of...

or it can be a numbered address such as:


In addition, the address can include a 'port' specification such as ":80". Internet addresses are very specific and any errors including failure to include a port if appropriate can produce an error.


A url usually takes the form...

protocol :// [:port]/directory /

Example 1 the url for this document.

Example 2
telnet:// the telnet url for Chebucto Community Net

Example 3 the url for a busy ftp site

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