'Mailto' Comments

How to use a "mailto" link to send email

Subject: /ccn/info/Help/Email/UsingMailto.html
Usually the document name including the location/path as inserted in the Subject line by default. You can either...
If you wish to send a copy of the comment to someone (perhaps a copy to yourself...) insert their e-mail address here. (multiple addresses can be entered separated by a ','
"Do you wish to include the referenced document? (y/n)"

Usually this would make the message very long and you will enter 'n' for no.

Move the cursor below the line "enter your message below" and type in your mail message.
When you are finished entering your message/comment hold down the control key and press 'x' at the same time (^x). You will be asked several questions...
"Save modified buffer (ANSWERING "No" WILL DESTROY CHANGES) ?"
Specify 'y' for yes will save it, 'control-c' for cancel will allow you to continue editing the document, 'n' for no will cancel the message entirely.
"File Name to write : /tmp/L******.html"
This will appear if you specified 'y' for yes in the previous step. Press 'return' to accept this filename!
"Send this comment? (y/n)"
If 'y' is pressed, message will be sent, if 'n', message will be canceled.

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