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Using PICO
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Using PICO

Using Pico is similar to using a word processor. Use the arrow keys to move your cursor, and use the Delete or Backspace key to fix your mistakes.

Available Commands

The bottom two lines of the Pico screen display a summary of the common commands. The ^ represents the Control key on your computer's keyboard. To perform a command, hold down the Control key and press the relevant letter key on you keyboard. So, to get help while in Pico, hold down the Control key and press G.


You may find that after editing a document, the lines of text become irregular, some short, some long. Use the Justify command (Control J) to fix this.

Keep in mind that Pico displays HTML documents with all the tags visible; the display does not reflect how your document will appear when it is installed and viewed by Chebucto Community Net users. To check that any HTML formatting is correct, you must exit Pico, saving the changes to your document, and use the View command in the file Browser.

Spell Checker

Pico has a simple spell checker. Control T runs a spell check on the document, however it does not suggest proper spellings; it only points out words it does not recognize.

Context Sensitive Help

For help on some of Pico's more advanced features, like cut and paste use ^g (the Pico Get Help command) for an explanation of commands not covered here.

Save and Exit

When you are finished editing, exit Pico by using the Control X key combination.
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