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How to Log On After You've Connected
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How to Log On After You've Connected

Once you are connected


Login ID

The first thing you will be asked for is the login ID for the account you wish to use. This appears on you screen in the form of the following prompt:


  • to login as "guest" type:


  • if you want the French version of CCN type


  • and... if you already have an account on this system type in your login ID. e.g.

    aa001 (example - use your assigned id)

After you have typed in the login account id (guest, visiteur, or your personal account id) press the [Enter] - [Return] key.


Next you will be prompted for a password in the form of:


  • To login as a guest or as visiteur press your [Return] or [Enter] key. No password is required for these accounts.

  • To login to your personal account enter your password. BE SURE to enter the password without capitals.

Terminal Type

It is strongly recommended that you use a proper VT-100 terminal emulation. This is the default terminal type for Chebucto Community Net and will result in the best results (provided your communications software uses a close match to the official VT-100 standard.

Other VT-xxx terminal emulations will also usually work. If you are using VT-200 you should tell CCN to use VT-200 also.

Other terminal emulations may also work. You should always try to set both your software and the CCN software to the same emulation. If CCN does not support the terminal emulation that you need to use you may have to experiment with the various terminal emulations available at Chebucto Community Net to find the one that works best with your software.

If you are using VT-100, the Terminal Type? (VT 100) prompt, press [Enter] or [Return].

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