Don't Ignore Quota Warnings!

> On Sun, 2 Apr 1995, a user wrote:
> I can't delete my mail so that I will fall under quota. Help!


Each user has two areas for file storage. These are the file systems (a directory tree on a disk partition) /ccn/home and /var/spool/mail

User's home directories are on /ccn/home. User's can delete files from their /ccn/home directory if they are over their "limit".

A user's email INBOX and temporary files for such tasks as sending mail and posting news are on placed in a common directory called /var/spool/mail Exceed your limit in the /var/spool/mail directory and you will be locked out.

/var/spool/mail and quotas

The quota allocation includes both your INBOX and temporary files.

When you send mail or post to newsgroups, temporary files get written. (These temporary files serve information to programs running behind the scenes, permitting you to use your screen for other work.)

If you exceed your "quota", a warning message will display on the screen. If you exceed your "limit", the sending of mail or posting of news will fail. When you attach files to a mail message or news posting, the attached files must be Uuencoded which makes them about 50% bigger than the original attached file.

Inability to receive mail / bounced mail

If an incoming mail message is received while you over your "limit", it will bounce back to the sender.
Once you let the seven day time limit expire on /var/spool/mail you will lose almost all functionality in your account. Further, you will no longer be able to make any changes or deletions to your files. You will require the time and assistance of a system administrator to correct your account problems.

In order to reduce space on /var/spool/mail you have to remove messages in your INBOX folder using Pine. Each of your mail folders is contained in one file. Pine makes sure it writes the new, updated file file containing your mail folder before it removes the old file. If there isn't space available, the update fails and you can't get rid of the unwanted mail messages.

And the only way to fix the /var/spool/mail EXPIRED quota problem at this time is for a system administrator to individually adjust the quota. No system administrator needs the extra work.

There are also impacts on your /ccn/home directory from sending mail and posting news.

Email and your /ccn/home directory

When you send mail, a copy of the email is written to your *home directory* in the mail folder Sent-mail. If there is insufficient space in your *home directory* to write this file within your "limit", or if you have EXPIRED the week grace period to get back under your "quota", this file write will fail and you will get an error message on the screen.

News and your /ccn/home directory

When you read News, the newsreader Tin updates your "current news reading" status - articles you have read or posted. These updates require a file to be written.
If you are close to your "limit", the attempt to update this file will fail and your "current news reading" status will be lost - including your subscribed newsgroups list.
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