Choosing a Good Password

Your password is the key to your account - it is the main protection you have against someone else misusing your account, interfering with your files, using your account as a base to break into other systems/accounts, or in other ways embarrassing you.

A good password

If you are a touch typist, try to choose something that uses alternating hands on the keyboard, so that people watching can't tell what it is.

Possible methods:

Don't write your password down anywhere, or leave it on a file in the system. Memorize it, and keep it in memory only! Change your password occasionally.

You can use this link to change your password. It will take about an hour for your password to take effect. If you try to use the new password and it doesn't work... try your old password. If you have trouble with your password contact the office.

Here are some other tips on choosing a good password.

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